What will be discussed at the Climate School?

Climate School;

Circular Economy

Zero Waste, 

Green Buildings, 

European Green Deal, 


Energy Efficiency, 

Geothermal Power Plant (GPP), 

Wind Power Plant (WPP), 

Solar Power Plant (SPP),

Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP),

Biogas Plant,

Blue Economy, Blue Growth, and Blue Entrepreneurship (Seas and Oceans)

Water and Wastewater,

COP21 Paris Climate Agreement,


Sustainable Development Goals,

SECAP Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan,

Net Carbon Zero,

Carbon Market,

Environmental Rights,

Climate Finance,

Carbon credits,

Carbon Trading,

Carbon Market,

Climate Change Advocacy, (Climate Change Warrior),

Climate Migration,

Climate Crisis and Climate Justice

Climate Adaptation,

Climate Policies,

Climate Change Expertise,

Climate Law,

Climate Change Awareness and Consciousness,

Drought and Desertification,

Green Growth, Green Economy, and Green Entrepreneurship

Land Destruction,


Bluefluencer and Greenfluencer,

It is a platform where articles, trainings, webinars, podcasts, reports, and projects will be discussed.

 Also in the field of training and projects;

  • SECAP Preparation Technical Support to Local Governments,  
  • Sustainability Training for Businesses, 
  • Preparation of Energy Efficiency Feasibility for Institutions, 
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint and Carbon Emissions Calculation,
  • Climate Summit Preparation Trainings for Educational Institutions, 
  • European Union, HorizonEurope, Erasmus+, and EU Project Partnership on Climate, Environment, and Energy, 
  • Certified Climate Change Expert (Certified), 
  • Event Support within the scope of "World Environment Day (WED)",

It is taught at the Climate School.


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