Climate Justice: How Equal is the Global Crisis?


 "Climate Justice: How equal is the global crisis?" Let's take a look at the issue we need to discuss as a component of global climate change. 

Climate justice aims to protect human and living rights and justice in the impacts and consequences of the climate crisis. If you think about why this concept is needed, we need to focus on climate impacts and geographies. Some communities living in different geographies will be more affected by the crisis simply because of their location. This is often directly related to poverty, inequality, and injustice. In addition, the countries that will be most affected by the climate crisis often have smaller economies, and their climate policies may often be less developed than climate policies worldwide, and therefore take fewer measures to address the climate crisis.

Climate justice also focuses on the causes of the factors causing climate change. These factors include, in particular, carbon emissions, which are one of the biggest causes of global warming. Carbon emissions occur mostly in sectors such as energy production, agriculture, industry, and transportation, many of which are geared towards using more resources and producing more, especially in developed countries.

While China, India, Russia, and Brazil are the top five emitters, with the US having the largest share of carbon emissions globally, whose economy is highly dependent on carbon emissions in sectors such as energy production, agriculture, industry, and transportation, island countries in Oceania, such as Tuvalu, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands, which will be primarily and intensely affected by the climate crisis, and whose communities' habitats will be seriously threatened by sea level rise, have a very low share in the climate crisis.

Therefore, climate justice aims for a fair distribution of resources, which should be shared equally around the world, and a fair burden of responsibilities, which should be shared equally around the world. 

Do you think sustainability awareness will lead us to climate justice?


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