What are the Types of Environmental Pollution?


What is Environmental Pollution?

Environmental pollution has a significant impact on all living and non-living beings. Pollution of the natural environment is a common problem for the whole world.

Environmental pollution is caused by the unnatural disruption of the structure and naturalness of the ecosystem by our own hands. This is the result of various harmful substances entering the ecosystem.

And this negatively affects all living and non-living things and often causes permanent damage.

Causes of environmental pollution:

1. Unplanned urbanization

2. Rapid population growth accelerates existing pollution along with the needs it brings.

3. Irresponsible use of natural resources

4. Industrialization

5. Consumption habits

6. Water pollution

7. Food shortage

8. Destruction of forests, erosion, pollution of land and sea wastes, chemicals, etc., and vegetation degradation.

9. Extinction of living things can be given as examples.

What are the Types of Environmental Pollution?

The types of environmental pollution are divided into 5: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, and visual and light pollution.

Air pollution:

The oxygen that allows us to survive in the atmosphere is being polluted day by day with the effect on us humans. By using many harmful substances that cause air pollution, the quality of the oxygen we breathe is decreasing. The causes of air pollution are divided into four:

  • Factory chimneys
  • Thermal power plants
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Perfume / Deodorant

Since these factors are artificial and harmful, they are among the leading causes of air pollution. With the increase in air pollution, people have to struggle with different health problems. Air pollution has a great effect on diseases such as shortness of breath and bronchitis. Air pollution also has a great impact on climate. It causes the ozone layer to be pierced and creates global warming.

Air Quality Management

In air quality management, particulate impacts are calculated for all structures and installation sites where there will be continuous movement in the operation. These include dust deposition, health impacts associated with PM10 and PM2.5, etc., and the mineralogy and chemical composition of particles. Therefore, a system needs to be developed that is specific to the area where each operation is located.

Air quality dispersion models are based on the calculation of the distribution of pollutants generated as a result of mining activities to the receptor points in the impact area under different atmospheric conditions with certain mathematical and engineering techniques. It is used to take necessary measures by predicting the possible pollution caused by all units and structures in mines.

Water pollution:

The most important reason for water pollution is people's lack of awareness. Factory wastes dumped into the sea, chemical pesticides, thermal power plants, and man-made pollution mix into the water and pollute it. Plastic materials and other garbage is thrown into the sea harm not only us but also the animals living in our seas and even cause their death. The habitat of another living creature should not be interfered with in this way.

Soil contamination:

Soil pollution can be considered the most important of these pollution types. Because many of the foods we consume grow in the soil and pass directly to us from food. Especially acidic waters, factory wastes, and plastic wastes that pass into the soil cause the balance between nature and us to deteriorate. Water pollution also affects soil pollution. Therefore, garbage should be separated and polluted water should be prevented from entering the soil. Waste facilities should be established and the environment and nature should be cleaned of unnecessary waste.

Noise pollution:

Noise is a tone of sound that is above the normal sound level and disturbs us when we hear it. We are now exposed to noise pollution in almost every area and this has many bad effects. Vehicle sounds and factory sounds are among the main causes of noise pollution. Sometimes even a small and continuous sound can be enough to disturb us.

Loud noises from televisions and musical instruments, untimely maintenance and repairs, and noise from some workplaces negatively affect people's hearing health, disrupt their psychological balance, and reduce their work efficiency.

Visual and light pollution:

Everywhere wants to attract attention by using more light. As a result, light pollution occurs. This situation causes many people to have eye and headaches. In addition, the natural color of the sky changes as a result of light pollution and this is the biggest damage to the environment. The biggest cause of visual pollution is unplanned urbanization. Disproportionately constructed buildings and the continuous construction of new buildings create an unpleasant image.

What can be done?

  • Work can be done on creating ecological awareness and increasing sensitivity.
  •  Projects can be developed and workshops can be organized.
  • We should never throw our garbage into nature; we should recycle waste such as paper, glass, and plastic.
  • We should use filters because the gases coming out of home and factory chimneys cause air pollution.
  • We should prevent forest destruction by increasing green areas. We should work to regenerate forests after natural disasters such as forest fires and landslides.
  • We should avoid any product that is harmful to the ozone layer. We should avoid products containing chlorofluorocarbon gases such as deodorant and perfume.
  • To reduce the impact caused by automobile exhausts, we should take care to use public transportation or use environmentally friendly vehicles such as bicycles and scooters.
  • Animal hunting should be controlled, overhunting should be banned and species diversity should be protected.
  • Renewable sources such as solar energy and wind energy should be used for energy.
  • We should reduce the use of plastics such as nylon bags.
  • We should collect medical waste in a separate place and dispose of it in a way that it does not mix with water and soil.


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